PropTech Committee



The PropTech Committee is a knowledge-sharing group providing a forum for both end-user and service provider members to discuss the latest PropTech trends and promote new companies. The Committee regularly collaborates with external PropTech organizations, affiliations, and think-tanks and plans events that bring together PropTech leaders, start-ups, and innovators to ensure the Chapter is up to date on the latest industry developments.

PropTech Committee Members

Aaron Schiller, Founder, Designer, Schiller Projects

Andrew Flint, Regional Vice President of Sales, Tanium

Brigitte Beltran, Head International Client Solutions, Space Matrix

Daniel Ahn, Principal, BAM Creative

Faisal Hadi, Senior Vice President, JLL

Joe Cirone, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Josh Mahan, Managing Principal, C&C Technology Group                               

Matthew Isherwood, Complex Program Advisory, EY                                    

Steven Wong, Corporate Real Estate - Lead Properties Specialist, General Electric

Meredith Lovejoy, Principal Regional Development Director, Teecom                  



Brigitte Beltran
Space Matrix

Vice Chair

Daniel Ahn
BAM Architecture Studio


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