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Dear CoreNet New York City Members, 

We are pleased to introduce our 2022 CoreNet Board Members, Content Council and Advisors, who together comprise a team of some of the corporate real estate industry’s most talented, dedicated and respected professionals. It is my honor to continue serving the NYC Chapter as Chair this year and working closely among the many faces - old and new - who represent the best New York City has to offer. This especially includes our devoted volunteers and dedicated sponsors, without whom the work CoreNet does would not be possible. 

I would like to take a moment to recognize the tremendous contributions made to our Chapter by our previous Chair, Neil Austin. During his year as Chair, and prior tenure as an Executive Board Member, Neil has consistently proven to be a leader to all our members in several ways. Drawing upon his previous service on the Global Board of CoreNet, his leadership has helped the New York City Chapter remain steadfast and strong throughout a particularly turbulent era in the City’s history, and it is my hope to continue serving that function as we enter a post-pandemic landscape.  Please join me in thanking Neil for all his efforts.  We look forward to his term as a Chapter Advisor.

While 2020 was undoubtedly a particularly challenging year for New York City’s commercial real estate sector, 2021 marked a period of tentative hopefulness. Offices around the country had begun to truly embrace work-from-anywhere and other hybrid models, which was critical to many companies’ continued success. Despite a few setbacks in the form of the Delta and Omicron variant, our City and the professionals therein once again demonstrated the resilience  for which New Yorkers are known. Through our collective efforts, particularly those of our volunteers and sponsors, our Chapter managed to effect a number of in-person events, while maintaining  our steady flow of online content and forums, bringing our members together in innovative ways despite being in separate locations. 

Building on the overwhelming success of our (slightly delayed) “New Years” Party in March, this year, we are poised for quite the exciting resurgence as in-person events are making their return and our Chapter leadership continue to workshop new and exciting ways to engage our membership. From attracting a broader range of career levels; creating new interest groups; to spearheading new programs and workshops, 2022 appears to be the year in which CoreNet NYC will be able to put into practice the incredible ideas we have been planning over the past year.

The Board will also be placing a distinct emphasis on diversity and inclusion with regard to our membership, content and forms of engagement.  We will be making a concerted effort to present opportunities and platforms for those of our membership in underrepresented industries where we can apply new trends and best practices to our core interests related to CRE. Together, we will continue to evolve and transform both our Chapter and New York City in groundbreaking ways.

If you are interested in getting more involved in CoreNet NYC, please reach out to any of our Board Members or myself. We encourage all of our members to share their feedback on how we can continue to enhance your member experience. 

Thank you again to each of our Annual Sponsors, Committee Volunteers and Members. With your continued enthusiasm and generosity, we are able to continue building our community and advance the corporate real estate industry. I look forward to working with you all on a successful year ahead and hope to meet each of you very soon. 

Tommy O’Halloran
CoreNet NYC Chair 
Vice President, Business Development
Structure Tone


Tommy O'Halloran

Vice President, Business Development 

Structure Tone