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The mission of our organization is to connect groups of professionals, end-users and service providers in order to advance knowledge, promote personal excellence and add value to each individual and their respective enterprises.

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“CoreNet is the organization for people who not only want to be real estate SMEs but understand business trends in a way that makes us ‘big picture’ thinkers who can contribute to our companies (and our own careers) beyond execution of transactions and projects.”
– Daniel Fishbein, CIT & Chapter Advisor

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“One of the most memorable experiences I had was volunteering to be a CoreNet Mentor. My mentee was literally from a competing firm, but my mentoring was all about assisting her in advancing her career both in stature and compensation.”
– Laurie Hutner, Executive Vice President of WB Wood

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Women's Leadership Committee

CoreNet NYC Women’s Leadership Committee Hosts Summer Event at Steelcase Showroom

The CoreNet Global New York City Chapter (CoreNet NYC) is pleased to announce that the organization hosted its Annual Women’s Leadership Summer Networking event at the exclusive Steelcase Showroom in New York City, overlooking Columbus Circle....  READ MORE

Marketing & Communications 

Turning the Tide…Supplier Diversity Then and Now

InSite engages two real estate industry pioneers—Pay Wu and John Vazquez—in a conversation about supplier diversity, THEN and NOW.

John Vazquez recently retired from his transformational role as Senior Vice President of Global Real Estate and Global Supply Chain at Verizon. John is an executive with a stellar record in executing supply chain and real estate innovation at scale for major corporations like JPMC, MetLife, and Verizon. Under his leadership, Verizon achieved its 40% goal of diverse supplier spending year over year. He is also a former Board Member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (“NMSDC”).... READ MORE

Marketing & Communications

The Tenement Museum: A Journey Back in Time

Have you ever thought about time travel? Wanted to see what life was like in New York during prohibition, the Gilded Age, or the Great Depression?  The Tenement Museum makes the journey back in time possible and is only a subway ride away to the Lower East Side.

Many people think of tenements as the less-than-desirable living quarters that working-class families lived in during the Industrial Revolution, often evoking images of squalid and crowded living conditions with poor ventilation and sanitation. In actuality, a tenement is simply an apartment. The term “tenement” went out of style when the French term “apartment” came into fashion. The Tenement Museum, located on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, shares a glimpse of how people of the past lived in this incredible city. Its occupancy reflects the changing patterns of immigration and commerce in New York City... READ MORE