Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 



The mission of this committee is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the New York City Real Estate industry across race, gender, age, religion, creed and identity; as well as create an intentionally inclusive committee that takes advantage of differing gender, race, sexual orientation, and multigenerational perspectives. The committee will be initially focused on increasing the diversity of the chapter membership, collaborating with other committees to provide insight from a DEI perspective, increasing cultural education and awareness of the network and increasing dialogue and available platforms to host conversation regarding DEI initiatives outside of committee efforts. 

Committee Members:

Brittany Gallin, John Gallin & Son

Komilla Chadha, JLL

Pay Wu, MWBE Unite

Minto Bose, Elemint Consulting

David Weinberg WRNS  

Vijay Ramcharitar Paramount

Kenny Rodriguez Davis Polk & Wardwell

Lizzie Archer, Turner

Chris Albes, LaCour

Meredith Lovejoy, Lehrer Cumming

Dominic Ponce deLeon, Shawmut

Giles Wrench, JLL

Bruce MacAffer

Shegun Holder

Bonnie Filker, UL Solutions

Sam Lawrence, JLL

Jaime Fuertes, Apollo Global

Shayna Isenberg, JLL

Ryan Remington, Savills

Stephanie Grayson, Cambio

Chris Martin, International WELL Building Institute

Matthew Maycock, International WELL Building Institute

Manuela Corcho, OC Construction Management

Hadley Edie, OC Construction Management

Robbie Dalton, MovePlan Group

Shahnda Elhariry, Eagle Transfer

Mary Leggio, SBFI

Jeanette Zapanta, Sandler Seating

Veronica Jackson

Mildred Tolentino, MTo-Pros



Sarah D'Annibale
Brix Funding and Fintech Company

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