Development Committee 



The Development Committee is responsible for implementing the Chapter’s Annual Sponsorship Drive, creating the sponsorship benefits program, maintaining relationships with existing sponsors and creating relationships with prospective sponsors for the Chapter. The Development Committee will also work in tandem with other Chapter committees who require sponsorship strategy and planning, such as, but not limited to the Special Events Committee. Additionally, the Committee’s responsibility is to make recommendations to the Executive Board as needed on development strategy and sponsorship program growth that will promote the success of the overall Chapter.

Committee Members:
Bonnie Pfeiderer, Ryan Soames Engineering
Cassie Homeyer, Highland Associates
Conrad McMillan, Certified
Crissy Hathaway, The Switzer Group
Dale Schlather, Cushman & Wakefield
Jaime Love, AIG
Jane Counihan, WELSPUN
Jillian Aurrichio, Innovant
Kim Pinkerton, Creative Office Pavilion
Paul Darrah, Google
Rachelle Hastrich, James E Fitzgerald
Rebecca Fielding, Unispace
Sonya Verny, Mace Group
Vito Bacarella, UBS



Christina Fish
Cushman & Wakefield