Full Content: Special Interest Groups

CoreNet NYC's Special Interest Groups Foster Community and Conversation on Specific Topics

December 2018

CoreNet NYC’s Special Interest Group Committees (SIG Committees) are industry-focused forums for members to convene over targeted topics, while networking and sharing best practices. These Groups consist of a Law SIG; Financial SIG; Technology, Advertising and Media Industry SIG, as well as Workplace SIG. Exclusive to corporate end-users within the appropriate industry sector, participants discuss current issues, brainstorm and help develop measurable real estate solutions. CoreNet SIG Committees are led by well-known end-users in commercial real estate and their members are comprised of trailblazers in the industry.

On October 11th, the Finance SIG hosted a group dinner at Craft Restaurant. The goal of the intimate gathering was to provide a space for end-user commercial real estate professionals to openly discuss business and ideas. They discussed their responsibility to educate their own organizations on the design and purpose of their potential future space. When done correctly, this allows internal departments to strategically utilize their office space to stimulate business growth and development. Specific topics of discussion included open-plan offices, connection in the digital world, collaboration in the workplace and the future of office wellness programs.

“The intimate group had a productive discussion on relevant issues pertaining to our specific end-user professions,” said Mark Brooks, Co-Chair of the Finance SIG Committee. “The Finance SIG is comprised of a great group of innovative professionals and I always leave meetings with new knowledge, guidance and perspectives on the real estate industry.”

“We discussed interesting issues at this meeting’s group dinner,” said Melissa Marsh, Senior Managing Director at Savills Studley. “The industry is rapidly changing, and we evaluated if new methods, such as open-office space and integration of technology, have a negative or positive influence on traditional practices. It is always refreshing to get another new perspective on topics that can be incorporated into many aspects of my role.”

“It can be difficult to keep up with the transformation of the real estate industry in the digital era,” said Vito Bacarella, Managing Director, UBS and Chair of the CoreNet NYC SIG Committees. “The Finance SIG meetings present the perfect opportunity to sit and critically analyze subjects outside of the office. Furthermore, it is a great way to catch up on what other businesses are doing to stay up-to-date with trending topics and technologies.”

CoreNet NYC’s Special Interest Groups provide an opportunity for members to make connections, learn and grow in an environment that results in a true sense of belonging. These sub-committees help professionals develop their careers within tight-knit groups that consistently support one another. To learn more about the Special Interest Groups and other CoreNet NYC committees, please click here.